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Frequently asked questions on Retrofits

Please find here our answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our retrofits.

Hot water barns can fire any solid fuel?

Ventobacco Hot water barns are supplied with Hot water coming from a Hot water boiler .

This Boiler can fire any available solid or liquid or gas fuel according to the burner installed on the boiler .

How to convert your gas-diesel fired barn to Hot water

Ventobacco barns are indirect fired tobacco curing barns designed and powered either with a heat exchanger equipped with a Diesel – Gas burner or with a Hot water coil (radiator).

Ventobacco barns can be retrofitted from diesel-gas fired to hot water barns (vise-versa) at any time.

If barn was originally purchased with a diesel-gas heat exchanger ,it can be converted to hot water after removing the heat exchanger and inserting a hot water coil(radiator) with it’s servovalve.