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Ventobacco barns are indirect fired tobacco curing barns designed and powered either with a heat exchanger equipped with a Diesel – Gas burner or with a Hot water coil (radiator).

Ventobacco barns can be retrofitted from diesel-gas fired to hot water barns (vise-versa) at any time.

If barn was originally purchased with a diesel-gas heat exchanger ,it can be converted to hot water after removing the heat exchanger and inserting a hot water coil(radiator) with it’s servovalve.

Hot water may come from any available hot water boiler firing any liquid or gas or solid fuel(biomass).

Ventobacco has designed Hot water conversion kits in 4 sizes to fit in most of the commercial barns .

The kits consist of a Hot water heating coil with servovalve ,fresh air intake damper and new curing control with progressive valve operation.

The old burner & heat exchangers need to be removed from barn’s air furnace and in their place the new hot water kit is installed.

Ventobacco supplies customers with the Hot water piping diagram to ensure installation’s ultimate performance.