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Smart Curing control
VK 981(RH ) TWIN
2015 s.version 2.01

General Info

Ventobacco 2015 curing barns are equipped with our latest VK 981(RH)TWIN Smart Curing Control .
Control operates both on degrees C & F.

Heat control (Burner or Electric Resistances or Hot water valve Control) :

VK 981(RH)TWIN controls Heat (Dry.Bulb temp. ,Dry.Bulb.Temperature Advance and ΔΤ ( D.B. temp.difference between top & bottom of the barn)) through 2 main dry D.B. temperature sensors ,one placed under the lower tobacco and the other above the upper tobacco mass in the barn.
VK 981(RH)TWIN has one extra D.B. sensor ( SECURE D.B.)as a safety DB sensor .
VK 981(RH)TWIN has an extra progressive(analog) port too ( besides the on –off relay) ,to progressively control the operation of a hot water valve or a progressive burner.

Fresh air intake damper Control (Ventilation control):

Damper operation is controlled by a progressive (analog) 24 V servomotor taking order from:
either a Dry Relative humidity sensor or the classic Wet bulb sensor with wet wick dipped in water tube.
• VK 981(RH)TWIN controls the fresh air intake damper’s servomotor’s operation with either the classic Wet bulb with wet wick & water bottle or our latest digital dry Relative humidity sensor displaying both W.B. temperature and RH%

• Relative Humidity RH%-WB digital dry sensor
Our latest RH % -WB sensor used on the VK 981(RH) & TWIN versions is a state of the art reliable & accurate humidity sensor with ~2-3% accuracy and a condensation filter built in, resisting temperatures up to 85°C .

• Data Monitoring

Ventobacco’s curing controls are equipped with a data port allowing data transfer either through wires or wirelessly to a PC.
Curing data can be accessed through cellular phone or through the Internet from any place in the world.
Operator can be alerted with email messages & sms sfor curing alerts.

• VK 981 (RH) version includes the following specs:
Possibility of introducing curing Hold points wherever operator wishes.
Possibility of controlling an auto solenoid misting valve for conditioning .

For detailed information on remote setup & monitoring consult our Ventomonitor 15 quick guide .

VV reserves the right to make changes on the control’s displays and specs in order to upgrade & ameliorate control’s performance & appearance.